Saturday, October 3, 2015

Launch the Standalone Eleven Rack Editor from within PRO TOOLS 12.2.1

A new feature in Pro Tools 12.2.1 lets you launch the Eleven Rack Editor from within Pro Tools!

You can use the WINDOW Menu, or the Editor Icon in the Mini Eleven Rack Editor cluster in the Edit window. (see video)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Using an Acoustic Guitar with the Eleven Rack

Of course we all know the Eleven Rack sounds great with electric guitar, but you can also get amazing tones with an acoustic guitar. And I mean a regular acoustic guitar, one that does not have a built-in 1/4" output.

It's really simple to setup and you can do this in Standalone, or with Pro Tools. You will need a mic plugged in to the Mic In of the Eleven Rack. Switch the Rig Input of the Eleven Rack to Mic - and you are set!

Now in Pro Tools, the input for the dry/mic sound will be Mic, and the input for the effected sound is Eleven Rig L/R. You can even record both of these inputs at the same time. You can also re-amp your dry track later on. There are so many options with the Eleven Rack, break out your acoustic and try this out for yourself.

Using an AUX Track in Pro Tools with the Eleven Rack

Normally, we use Audio Tracks in Pro Tools to record our Eleven Rack output. But, sometimes you may just want to monitor the Eleven Rack Rig without pressing any buttons. That's where an AUX track comes in. Simply set the input to "Eleven Rig L/R" and the input is open all the time. Keep in mind, if your input is open all the time, you may begin to hear strange noises in your session even if your guitar is unplugged. So switch the AUX to No Input when you will no longer be playing to avoid unwanted sounds.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Using a Mic Pre Amp with the Eleven Rack Line Inputs

If you have ever wanted to use more than one mic with the Eleven Rack, all you need is a microphone preamp, and a couple cables.

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Ultimate EQ Cheat Sheet for Every Common Instrument

The people over at Sonic Bids have put together an awesome EQ cheat sheet that will help you narrow in on what frequencies you are looking for while mixing. Of course it covers guitar, but it also covers bass, drums, keys, and even vocals. You will still need to use your ears, but this is a good outline for where to start. Go check it out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lamb of God using an Eleven Rack

I have watched "As The Palaces Burn" probably 10 times, but I never caught the few frames that showed Willie Adler playing through the Eleven Rack in their practice area. It's pretty cool to see our beloved orange box being used by some top notch metal guys.

If you haven't yet, check out the documentary, it's worth the cash. Rent or buy on YouTube, or grab the DVD.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eleven Rack Troubleshooting - No Sound? Check the RIG INPUT

One possible cause of not hearing your guitar through the Eleven Rack is having the wrong RIG INPUT source selected.

It's easy to overlook if you have been Re-Amping or using another input through the Eleven Rack Rig such as the Mic. If this happens to you, stay calm, and check the RIG INPUT setting. If you are playing guitar then you want GUITAR selected as the input source.

You can access this setting from the front panel of the Eleven Rack or from the Eleven Rack Editor.

See the following video for steps