Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ALL Benoni Studios Custom Eleven Rack Rigs


I have combined all the rigs I have made into ONE package. I will update the download link if/when more rigs are added.

Also included are the 104 Original Rigs from the Eleven Rack firmware v.1

Last update 11/04/14 - 4,228 Rigs Total


Sunday, September 7, 2014

20 Eleven Rack Rigs - 22, FUBAR, Circle

20 Eleven Rack Rigs

8 - 22 Rigs

8 - FUBAR Rigs

4 - Circle Rigs

These rigs are different from all other rigs. They are not setup to "sound good". These rigs are for creative uses.

Every effect slot has a setting, so turn things ON/OFF ect...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Eleven Rack GOES TO 11 - Hidden Trick REVEALED! (easter egg)

In the following video, you will see exactly how to make your Eleven Rack go to 11!

DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO, if you want to find this trick on your own.

I have spoken of this trick before, but have never shown how to actually do it. Now that the
Eleven Rack is about 5 years old, I feel it's time for it to be publicly revealed.

Simply watch the video below to see how to do the trick.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Eleven Rack Goes to 11 - Revealed....SOON!

Did you know the Eleven Rack actually "goes to 11"?

I have spoken of this trick before, but now, I will reveal the secret....soon!

Watch the YouTube channel for a video to be uploaded in the next couple of days or so.

Until then, try to find it yourself - it's real.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Parametric EQ 'Q' Number - Different on the Standalone Editor vs. Eleven Rack and Integrated Editor

When using the Standalone Eleven Rack Editor and the Parametric EQ, you will notice some differences in how the 'Q' setting is displayed.

My guess is that the Standalone Editor is using a Linear algorithm for the displayed number in relationship to the knob position, while the Eleven Rack and the Eleven Rack Editor that is integrated into Pro Tools LE 8 - Pro Tools 10, use a different algorithm.

For example, if I set the 'Q' to 5.2 on the Standalone Editor, the number displayed on the Eleven Rack and Integrated Editor will be 1.5

If I set the 'Q' to 9.6 on the Standalone Editor, it will display as 8.5 on the Eleven Rack and Integrated Editor, ect....

However, the tone you get, the actual width of the 'Q', will be the same.

So, what you need to takeaway from this is:

If you set up a Rig/preset on the Standalone Editor, then you take the Eleven Rack to a gig and check the 'Q' values from the front panel, DON'T CHANGE THE SETTINGS! The sound you get will be exactly as you had set it. The only difference is the number displayed. The actual width of the 'Q' is the same, the sound will be the same - only the number is different.

Watch the video below to see this in action

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

864 LOcK 2 - Eleven Rack Rigs +Effect Presets

432 "LOcK 2" Eleven Rack Rigs

(864 LOcK 2 Rigs total, if you count the MONO version of each rig)


Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

LOCK Rigs Pack #2

This pack is very similar to the LOCK Rigs pack. The difference is that LOcK Rigs Pack #2 have reduced high-end on the Parametric EQ.

Some other differences; the settings on the amps are tweaked a bit
and there is a different GREEN OD setting.
But other than that, they are the same - they have the same Multi-Chorus, Flanger, and Reverb settings.

LOcK Rigs Pack #2 were made for those who don't like the extreme edge and high-end from LOCK Rigs Pack #1.

The naming convention is the same, and there are Stereo and Mono rigs for each amp.

If you have read the LOCK Rigs ReadME, then you can just skim over this ReadME, because much of the information is the same.


To help you differentiate between LOCK Rigs Pack #1 and LOCK Rigs Pack #2, the lettering for Pack #2 has changed from "LOCK" to "LOcK" (lower case 'c') That should help you recognize at a glance exactly what rig you are using.

LOCK RIGS Pack #1 = "LOCK"

LOCK RIGS Pack #2 = "LOcK"

1152 LOCK - Eleven Rack Rigs +Effect Presets

576 "LOCK" Eleven Rack Rigs

(1152 LOCK Rigs total, if you include the MONO version of each pack)


Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

LOCK Rigs are high gain rigs with lots of top end and low end. They feature a PEQ with a deep cut in the mids/lower mids. These rigs have lots of "grind" to them. If you have too much high/low end, you can use a High and Low pass in post, like you are probably already doing.

LOCK Rigs are related to "DREAD" rigs - so make sure you download the DREAD rig pack as well.

LOCK rigs use a Green Overdrive, Parametric EQ, Multi-Chorus, Flanger, and Reverb.

Like other rigs before (FURY pack, DREAD pack, and more) LOCK rigs use a Chorus for more width and a Flanger to add depth and width.

Each rig is laid out in the same logical way.



LOCK M2=C30=67N


LOCK M2-C30-67N (for mono rigs)

You can easily tell what the rig chain is, simply by looking at the name.


First we have the rig pack name, LOCK.

Then the AMP used. In this case "MDR" means Mesa/Modern Dual Rectifier.

The equal sign "=" lets us know the Rig Out is Stereo.

Then the Cabinet used. In this case "B30" is the 2X12 B30 cab.

Again the "=" lets us know the Rig Out is Stereo.

Then the Microphone used. In this case, the DYN 57 mic.

And finally, a letter. In this case it is "F", meaning the mic is OFF Axis. If the letter was "N" it would mean ON Axis.

Every mic, in both positions, is used.

ALL rigs use this naming convention. Use the Legend below to understand what each item means.